Friday, 6 July 2007

Tenancy I

I have started to worry in earnest about tenancy. This has been prompted partly by a potentially disastrous boo-boo on my part recently, which I'm not going to go into as it's a bit of an identity giveaway and I don't have the imagination to cook up a plausible alternative.

I don't think it's fatal, but it certainly wasn't helpful.

If I was planning my path to tenancy with the meticulousness of BabyBarista, I wouldn't be going to quite those lengths but I would be:

1. Diligently doing the loose leaf filing.
2. Making lots of tea, and not just for the people in my room.
3. Asking the clerks to give me family work in far flung places.
4. Socialising with members of chambers.
5. Not being seen in my cycling clothes, even on the way into and out of chambers in the morning and evening as it seems to irritate some people (and I don't even wear lycra).
6. Offering to do paperwork and research for others.
7. Learning everyone's marital status and calling everyone Mr and Mrs Barrister.
8. Turning up early and staying late.

I am doing none of these things. I either can't be bothered or it rankles too much. Or both, more likely. But it is starting to worry me. The Master mentioned the other day how popular the other pupil is around chambers, and I suspect that several members of chambers feel that offering tenancy to both pupils from last year might have been a mistake.

Our chambers makes decisions very late, only after the end of pupillage. As the other pupil pointed out recently, that puts us at a real disadvantage if it comes to applying for third sixes at other sets as other failed pupils will already know by then and have been making applications.


Anonymous said...


what are you going to do to get the upper hand in this situation.

SM said...

Time to start making sure your solicitors deliver work in your name...

Anonymous said...

So take control, consider exploring other tenancy options - making yourself attractive can be achieved various ways...

Oh, and be yourself, anything else is not sustainable :)

Anonymous said...

Goodness, your blog reminds me of my own family pupillage three years ago in a London set. Listen, if you do not get taken on think before you go feet in first to your third six. I had a great pupillage (hard to believe I know) was up against someone topnotch and knew I didn't have the best of chances. After the pupillage I then took the first third six that came my way and truly had the worst six months possible in a mixed crime, civil and family set. In fact, the vindictive buggers would not give me a reference!! I'm in private practice now which is sort of fine but my cards would have played out differently if I had not made such a foolish choice. Oh yes, a while back I think you mentioned a QC in family law who thought he was God's gift and moaned on about ex pupils. Bet I know who he was. Now go and re-new some ICO's (I got 50 a pop for those at set 1,35 at set two enough said)

Poppy said...

Good to know that you are not turning into some work-obsessed sycophant, I hope you can prove that you can succeed without doing so!

I am rooting for you!


Pupilblogger said...

OK, I'm taking matters in hand. I wore a really nice new tie today. That my girlfriend bought me via ebay.

The campaign begins...

Legal Beagle said...

Try not to fret too much! Despite scare-mongering to the contrary, I don't think any sensible Chambers makes tenancy decisions on the basis of how many cups of tea you make and whether you arrive and leave in cycling gear. Just work hard, be friendly and (although it's a cliche) be yourself. Good luck!


The Vinthusiast said...

keeping everything crossed for you! L2B :-)