Thursday, 29 November 2007


I was chatting to The Master (this one) yesterday about a high profile case he has been working on. As I was leaving his room, he said, as if as an afterthought, 'You must show me the blog some time.'

'Which?' I said, wearing what I suspect was an expression resembling that of a myxomatosis-riddled bunny in headlights. One that was quite dopey to start with. Even by rabbit standards.



Android said...

OMG! :o

Curious Yellow said...

Longtime lurker here, and firstly I'd like to say I enjoy your blog!
Totally unrelated now, but are the barristers on The Apprentice representative of the people you work with?

Pupilblogger said...

To be honest, curiously named curious yellow, I have no idea as I haven't actually seen the latest series. If they are pompous, over-confident, brash and love the sound of their own voice, there are certainly a few barristers out there who share similar characteristics.

Crystal Clear Headlights said...

I love your blog! Keep posting more interesting stuff.

Anonymous said...

Czytam Cię od bardzo dawna i powiem krótko... Genialny blog! :) I oby więcej takich było. Omawiasz bardzo ciekawe tematy, które mogą pochłonąć człowieka na długie godziny. Nie dziwie się, że masz tylu czytleników. Keep going. ;) wypas owiec