Thursday, 7 June 2007

Busy is good

I've been Busy. This is Good.

I am, I admit, having a little difficulty with this correlation. Now, I've never been lazy. Ok, ok, I've had days occasionally. But I've always considered myself a hard worker and have often ended up volunteering for additional tasks or jobs, or just getting on and doing something I didn't technically need to do. Yes, I'm basically a bit of a swot.

In my previous jobs, though, this was genuinely voluntary and it was also controllable. I could always just relax and take it easy instead.

Now, I find myself been given stuff to do by the clerks and my contacts, and I've just got to get on with it. It is very much involuntary.

But -- and this is the conceptually difficult bit -- this is a Good Thing. It means that I'm earning money. Well, in theory, at least. More accurately, I'm actually just building up what barristers call an 'aged debt', meaning the wad of cash that a whole bunch of solicitors owe you but haven't paid you yet. The only actual money I've received was a cash payment, but more on that in another post.

One of my friends, who got tenancy in 2002, told me he had an aged debt of £50,000. And also three separate overdrafts of about £10,000 each. At least I think that's what he said, there had been some cold drinks involved.


Law Minx said...

... It's good to see you back blogging again! ! Initially, I thought you'd left the blogging community because of concerns about your anonymity, but then the sudden realisation dawned that you must be incredibly busy in your second six... (D'oh...!)

I've been to a couple of chambers as a mini pupil where there's been a dedicated group of clerks who do nothing but chase aged debt, and most were very sympathetic toward pupils in their second six, and tried hard to secure the monies due to them. I hope thats the case for you!

John Bolch said...

A solicitor pay counsel's fees? What a strange concept! ;-)

Simon Myerson said...

I have a framed cheque in my loo - it is for fifteen pounds and 45p, it relates to work done in 1987 and it bears a date of 14th June 2006...

Anonymous said...

My clerk is incredibly good about 'aged debts' - I'm an o/s 'pupil' just out of '2nd six' equivalents. Still, it's odd to see your legally aided clients turning up to court in better cars than oneself!