Thursday, 19 April 2007

Swiss Toni moment

'Getting the brief as junior in a House of Lords case is very much like making love to a beautiful woman, Pupilblogger.'

I was all ears.

'You've got to look interested but not desperate. Keen, but not over-eager. We've sent the opinion, we'll just sit back now.'

That was a week ago. Today, The Master got a text message from the solicitor saying the case is almost certain to happen. The solicitor, whom he knows very well, wouldn't be texting him if he wasn't lined up to be the junior. He's pretty sure she's dangling the leader brief in front of several QCs, though.

The Master is in a very nice position, it would seem. There might well be something in his pearl of wisdom. Put in the work early if angling for a case, but then let things be for a while.

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Lawdent said...

Don't quit!

That may have been the world's longest word verification.