Thursday, 1 February 2007

Secret identity

Whoops, my secret identity has been breached. Appropriately enough, the unmasking (think Scooby Doo) was by the slightly sinister sounding and also anonymous Sub Judice, who knows what court I was at today and my chambers. He or she sounds like some sort of legal vigilante superhero(ine) but has actually been extremely nice and friendly and given me some very valuable advice: delete my blog immediately.

This has led me to conduct another judicious edit and to consider deleting the whole lot. Can anyone else who is reading this work out what chambers I'm at following my edit? I had assumed that no-one would bother, to be honest, so the tip-off email this morning was a tad alarming. An additional factor is that, while I have enjoyed writing this so far, I am actually quite busy now, whereas I was really at a loose end when I started.

Will need to mull this over some more.


lo-fi librarian said...

Suffering succotash! (as Sylvester would say), that's too bad. Don't stop blogging though, you've been tonnes of fun to read. I am doubtful if others will be able to unmask you. One would have to go to alot of trouble to figure it out, at least until a judgment is published on this child case thingy.
If you are concerned you could always start again, I'm sure your readers would follow if you invited them. Edits aren't full proof when you can access cached pages. But the important thing to remember is the little UK blawgosphere needs you!

pupilblogger said...

Thanks, Lo-fi, much appreciated. I'll mull it over this weekend, but I think the edit is probably sufficient - the caches don't last forever. I need to be a bit more disciplined!

Mr Pineapples said...

Sorry to hear that some old taod has had a go. There are so many confomrmist dullards out there.

I love your's performing a good public service

pupilblogger said...

No-one's 'had a go' - much more like some friendly words of advice, and a gentle pointer in the direction of various laws and codes of conduct provisions I may, er, arguably have breached. Assuming that I might still conceivably want to have a legal career of some sort, the advice was extremely useful!

Mr Pineapples said...

sounds like a paranoid person to me..the problem with the bar is that it has not moved with the modern world...being left behind - we will be taken over by the large accountancy firms.

after working in both - i can say that in terms of professionalism - vision and client development the bar (and solicitors for that matter) belong in the last century.

Wabisabi said...

It would be a pity indeed. I have enjoyed reading your blog so far because of its authentic tone which is distinctly different from so many other blawgs out there.

Law Student said...

It would be a shame if you were to stop blogging. I have only recently found your blog, which means I have had to start at the beginning and am not all the way through your previous posts yet.
It's very informative, helping me to see what profession I would be interested in.