Monday, 22 January 2007

Five things

After being 'tagged' by Charon QC and Tim Kevan I am rather belatedly doing my variation on the 'Five Things You Don't Know About Me' thing. I add the slightly superfluous subtitle 'And Never Particularly Wanted To Either'. Charon QC earns an honourable exemption from this scorn for his gravedigging (too good to be true? answers on a postcard...).

For an explanation of this bizarre modern blogging etiquette thing, see someone else's blog.

1. I used to be a lifeguard a long time ago. It's a lot more boring than you might think from Baywatch. I discovered this too late, sadly, but let this be a warning to any young, budding Hoffs or Pams out there.

2. My second cousin in law, probably twice or thrice removed, is Derek Mountfield, formerly of Everton and Aston Villa back in their 1980s days of glory, and I believe he is the closest I have to a famous relative.

3. I haven't read a decent, proper novel for nearly two years, I think. But I feel quite guilty about it, which I reckon is almost as good as having read Joyce's Ulysses during that time.

4. Over the course of the weekend I appear to have developed an as yet slight and intermittent twitch below my left eye. By the time pupillage is finally over I now expect closely to resemble Inspector Clouseau's superior officer in A Shot In The Dark, as excellently played by Herbert Lom.

5. I don't want to be a barrister.*

As part of the tagging palaver, I now tag Batgirl, Lo-fi librarian, Liadnan and the UK law students (of whom there are at least two). Sorry, folks. I'm tired now but will try and work out how to email them tomorrow or 'trackback' them or however these things work. Then expunge this and the previous two sentences from the record.

Nothing particularly interesting to report today, other than that The Master phoned me twice this evening, at 20.53 and 21.11, to tell me again to do various menial odd jobs tomorrow on which he'd already instructed me earlier today. He hasn't done this before but I'm thinking quite carefully about exactly how I will tell him not to do it again. It didn't help the new twitch any, apart from anything.

* I reserve the right to be fickle about this.


Wabisabi said...

I miss leisurely Europe. In some parts of the world, 20.53 and 21.11 are probably still considered 'within working hours'...

However, you may suggest with tact that The Master should use text messages or emails to contact you instead. Good to leave some form of paper-trail too if he is forgetful and later contradicts himself.

The 'Twenty-Something' said...

Lifeguard - eh? Not bad at all.

Bummer about the late calls - but I guess even pupils have to expect last minute calls and menial jobs.

That aside - any advice for approaching chmabers and firms about my law community and e-mag project? Don't suppose you mentioned it to anyone in passing?

Keep up the blogging.

Miss H