Monday, 20 November 2006


Several members of chambers seem to have a bit of a thing about Solitaire, more commonly known as the actual solo card game Patience. There's one of them in particular who seems to be addicted, who I'll call Crispin, but I've noticed several of the others playing away while on the telephone or in quiet moments. Maybe it's more widespread than I realised, but I've never noticed this elsewhere.

Crispin plays shamelessly on the shared terminals in the corridor next to the photocopier. Not everyone in chambers has a computer so these exist for shared use.

I guess it is one of the benefits of being self employed, as all these barristers are. There's no need to justify yourself to a superior as you have no superior. There's no need to look busy if you aren't busy, you can relax in the lull before the next work storm. Although I guess the clerks might frown on this, as it means the barristers aren't busy earning the money from which the clerks get their hefty percentage cut.

That is the favourable view, at least. The less charitable view is that the exceedingly plummy Crispin doesn't have enough work and is hanging around chambers waiting for some to come his way, unlike the busier majority of barristers, who understandably disappear home if they ever get the chance.

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